Even large arbor fly reels have trouble keeping up with hard-charging species like Tuna, Tarpon and Bonefish. After a deep dive or a long run, they’ll turn and come racing back towards you. Suddenly, you can’t take up line fast enough; you can’t stay tight to the fish. And when the tension goes, so goes your chance of landing that trophy.

That’s why Tibor is pleased to offer another simple, yet ingenious innovation to help fisherman catch more fish – the Tibor SpeedHandle Spool. Available as an option on Tibor and Tibor Signature Series reels and spools. The SpeedHandle Spool increases the speed of your retrieve up to one-third, so you’re less likely to have the hook drop out of the fish’s mouth or encounter the problems inherent in a slack line.

Land more of the fish you hook with the Tibor SpeedHandle Spool – another innovation on the fly from Tibor Reel Corporation.

Use the standard handle for power, long runs or deep dives; switch to the SpeedHandle when fish turn and charge. The Tibor SpeedHandle Spool: