Our File Transfer Site has been updated with our 2022 images. Photography is in high-resolution RGB format and compressed as .zip files. All new images have '22 prefix. Please make sure all your images are current. Our logo has been updated as well - please replace any old logo art you have with new logo art. This art is in jpeg & Adobe Illustrator vector format and there is a mini Style Guide included.


To Download images:

1. Hold down Control Key+Click the mouse on the link (Mac) or Right-Click the mouse (Windows). 2. Select the Download Image to Disk option from the pull-down menu that appears. 3. Choose the destination folder where you want to save the image. 4. Click Save and the image or .zip archive will begin to download to the chosen location. If prompted to save as format Source or Text, select Source. If you have any problems accessing the images, please contact


Please Note:

The downloadable images on this site are of Tibor Reel products only. These images are the property of Tibor Reel Corporation and are provided for the express purpose of product marketing. Unauthorized use or alteration of these images is prohibited.

'21 New BackCountry

'20 Sig5-6 Reel & Hub Color Options

'20 Sig7-8 Reel & Hub Color Options

'20 Sig11-12S Reel & Hub Color Options

'20 Signature Spool Colors

'20 Sig Hub Color Assemblies


'20_Tibor Spools

'22_Billy Pate Reels Platinum

Push Pole Caddies & Other Things

Game Fish Engravings

TIBOR LOGOS & Logo Guide